Become A Notary

We offer a full-service program that includes everything needed for your associates to become a notary or renew their current Notary certificate. Our notary experts are trained in the unique laws and requirements of all 50 states and will guide your associates through each step of the process.

We are a Surety Bond Agent.

As a licensed bonding agency there is no middle-man to get the state bonds that your associates need. We can blend the ordering process with your on-line procurement software to keep the whole process inside your order to pay system. Because we manufacture notary stamps and seals ourselves, your costs are greatly reduced.

We are a licensed insurance broker.

Our prices include:

• Detailed step-by-step instruactions for the state
• Notary Applications
• Registration Information
• State Required Bonds
• Errors and Omission Insurance
• Stamps and Notary Supplies
• Online Training
• Access to Notary Specialist

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